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My goal is to make the world a better place, one massage at a time.

This was an excellent massage.  I can remember saying at the beginning, "I can relax because I can tell that you know what you are doing."  I will return to Soothe Massage Therapy for another massage.  Marlene

I have been to many massage therapists and no one has ever worked so intently on a deep tissue massage like Kate does.  I suffer from lower back and neck pain, and Kate works out the knots until they are completely gone.  If you like deep tissue massage, you will not find a better therapist.  She listens when you describe where the pain is located and works on that area until pain has subsided.  Kate's hands are magic, she is, by far, the best massage therapist I have ever been too.  --Nicki, 26, Selection Specialist 

Prior to experiencing my first massage ever, I was skeptical of a stranger touching me. The professionalism and knowledge that Kate exhibited turned my judgment into a mind opening observation. The overall benefits to health and wellness massage offers has turned me into a massage junkie. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. --Drew, 26, military

 A massage by Kate truly is soothing. She maintains contact with the person throughout the massage; pressure applied as you request. I experienced relaxation of mind and muscle. --Joyce, 64, homemaker & retired RN

 I find Kate to be a very proficient and enthusiastic massage therapist. She has both the strength and knowledge to provide a deep tissue massage. Her technique is outstanding and I have been so relaxed, I've fallen asleep several times. --Dennis, 63, retired sales manager

A massage with Kate is an experience that has dwarfed all other massages I've had.  Kate is passionate about what she does, and it shows by the care and effort she puts into each massage.  I have never had a deep tissue massage as satifiying as when Kate gives a massage.  I won't go anywhere else now. --Sarah, 29, Lead Selection Specialist 

 All the pain and soreness from riding the whole week at RAGBRAI was worth it. Thank you Kate for making me feel better! I will certainly recommend you! --Erik, 40, photographer & extreme race enthusiast


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